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Opinion | When The Bell Tolls

Part of the solution to the poverty problem is the practice of true federalism under which the Federal Government, the States and local government will be responsible partners with each level of government working hard to eradicate poverty among the people under its care. Unfortunately, President Buhari does not believe in true Federalism compared to the opposition candidate in the 2019 polls, Atiku Abubakar who is a disciple of Federalism and who has taken pains to lay out the ways and means of its implementation to free the creative and productive energies of the constituent parts of the country.

Perspective | Fathers Week: Fathers Get Less Than They Deserve

If science and psychology is to be accepted, then we must note that it is not natural instinct for a man to even provide for his family. As mentioned severally, many male species even fight and kill the “children” over food. The KING OF ALL ANIMALS, the LION is the clearest example. He allows the lioness to hunt while he sleeps all day. And when she brings food, he takes THE LION SHARE and kills whatever cub dares eat from the meat while he is still hungry. In fact, when he sees that a male cub is spending too much time with his lioness “wife” or one of the lionesses he wants to make love to in the pride, HE KILLS THE CUB. That is the instinct of many other animals.

Perspective | The Current Igbo Are ‘Inferior Igbo’!

The Igbo are today a beggarly nation of impotent, lachrymal people now weeping about “marginalization” and waiting for Nigeria to collapse or let them go, so that they will go and make something of themselves. This is an over-indulged generation. The last of the Igbo are old and dying; the current Igbo are “inferior Igbo.” They are just waiting for Godot.