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At Least 134 Fulani Herders Killed In Central Mali’s Worst Violence Yet

BAMAKO (Reuters) – Gunmen killed at least 134 Fulani herders in central Mali on Saturday, a local mayor said, the deadliest such attack of recent times in a region reeling from worsening […]


Opinion | Ethnic cleansing cloaked as farmers/herdsmen clashes: rogue narrative to cover a heinous crime

This is the full text of a press statement issued on behalf of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) by its Secretary General, Tony Nnadi, on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

In this Op-Ed, LNC attempted successfully to show that what the establishment media and politicians refer repeatedly to as farmers/herdsmen clashes is actually ethnic cleansing commissioned by the Fulani aristocratic establishment.

We hope you enjoy this illuminating opinion piece.