SHOCKING!!! Nigeria Hosts 3.2M Displaced Persons, UNHCR Says On World Refugee Day

“Nigeria currently hosts 3.2 million displaced persons, including some 82,000 refugees and some 3.1 million representing a 9 per cent increase from last year,” says UNHCR Deputy Representative John McKissick.

Nigeria: Humanitarian Crisis Hits Cross River As Thousands of Cameroonians Seek Refuge

TENS of thousands of Cameroonians are currently seeking refuge and safety in Nigeria, the African big brother country.

Over 16,000 Cameroonians have already fled to Cross River State in Southern Nigeria following renewed violence in the Anglophone parts of Cameroon earlier last October.

The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, is at the moment working with the Nigerian government and other UN agencies on a contingency plan, readying humanitarian assistance for up to 40,000 people crossing into Cross River.