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Opinion | Joints, disjoints and dislocations in the Buhari government

“Now, having run the Magu numbers for half a decade, rather than apologise to Nigerians, the Buhari government pretends to have just realised that it is all a racket,” @OweiLakemfa writes in #Opinion.

We Are all Migrants, We’re Unstoppable

Five thousand, five hundred angry marchers tramped through the streets of Brussels on Sunday protesting against the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Their claims include that the Pact would encourage migration and criminality. They also claim that the Pact blurs the distinction between legal and illegal migration. For them, it is time Belgium shuts its borders against migration of any kind.

Perspective | Let Us Prey

It is instructive that many of the foot soldiers who shoot down every debate especially on hunger are also hungry, but they have hope; the hope that they will be invited to help themselves of the crumbs. It is logical that those who benefit from the system and those who hope to benefit, pray that the situation does not change. So when they gather, the first request they make is: “Let us prey” Happy New Year 2019!