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Zuckerberg Faces Grilling On Facebook’s Ambitious Digital Currency Plans

Facebook Inc (FB.O) chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will be grilled by lawmakers over the company’s plan to launch a digital currency and efforts to prevent foreign election interference when he appears before a Congressional panel on Wednesday.

[Perspective] Why it’s time to regulate social media companies like Facebook

Tech companies frequently chase profits at the expense of doing the right thing. The player currently at the center of the 2016 election story is Cambridge Analytica, the shadowy and unscrupulous conservative political consulting firm. With the cooperation or acquiescence of Facebook, Cambridge Analytica exploited the personal data of millions of people to boost Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Facebook tweaks privacy tools to ease discontent over data leak

Facebook Inc (FB.O) has adjusted privacy settings to give users more control over their information in a few taps, it said on Wednesday, after an outcry over a whistleblower’s allegations that members’ data was used to sway the 2016 U.S. election.

It put all the settings on one page and made it easier to change and more straightforward to stop apps using data. Until now changing settings had been complex, spread over at least 20 screens, which had frustrated users.

#DeleteFacebook? Privacy proves hard to protect online

Anyone tempted to #DeleteFacebook after the personal data of millions of users fell into the hands of a political consultancy is still likely to be monitored by the social network, which tracks nearly 30 percent of global website traffic.

And Google (GOOGL.O), in various guises, shadows 64 percent of all web-browsing worldwide, a recent study (www.ghostery.com/lp/study) of 200,000 German users by Cliqz, using its anti-tracking product Ghostery, said.