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Opinion | Expanding the frontiers of relations between Nigeria and France

“And just as we partner in prosperity, so our nations also have a duty to work together to make West Africa more secure. For decades, France – the European power in the Sahel, and Nigeria – the African power to its south have not been coordinated. Opportunity to crush the terrorists have between us too often been missed,” President Muhammadu Buhari writes in L’Opinion.

China Merchants Group Bids For A French Shipping Giant

China Merchants Group (CMG) that operates many key transportation infrastructures in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and very influential in five major ports in China including Pearl River Delta (Hong Kong, Shenzhen), Yangzee River Delta (Shanghai, Ningbo), Bohai Bay (Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian), Xiamen Bay (Zhangzhou), and Southwest coastal area (Zhanjiang) is currently bidding to invest in port assets owned by French shipping company, CMA CGM.

Opinion | Macron: Young, Charming And Cold

An uprising against the anti-poor policies of 41-year old French President, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron, had been long expected before it broke out about three weeks ago. What was not clear before then, was what would trigger it after he had assumed victory over pensioners, railway workers and the labour unions.