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Why federating units should see Rivers’ VAT victory as fiscal Federalism enabler – Wike

Gov. Wike explains in statewide broadcast why states, which are the federating units of Nigeria, should see Rivers’ legal victory on Value Added Tax (VAT) as a fiscal Federalism enabler.

Opinion | Nigeria In The Throes Of State Demise

The tragedy of the dying Nigerian State is that both the Government and the Nigeria’s Political Elite are united in what seems to be a Conspiracy of Recklessness, to continue the doomed construction of Nigeria upon the totally ruined Constitutional Foundation, instead of stopping the Construction to first rework the damaged Foundation, like South Africa did with it’s notorious Apartheid Constitution between 1990 and 1994 under the Leadership of a courageous President Frederick De Klerk.

Nigeria’s problem needs more than just Restructuring – Atiku

Atiku, who had unsuccessfully ran for the Presidency Nigerian Presidency in 2007 was the top mainstream Nigerian politician campaigning for the Restructuring of Nigeria before the El’Rufai led APC committee joined the band wagon with the ambiguous interpretation represented in their report. With Atiku’s latest rhetoric, we should expect an escalation in the coming weeks as the campaign heats up.