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Boko Haram Sacks Borno Council As Zamfara Armed Youths Kill 9 Soldiers In Attack

The rampaging Boko Haram jihadists have sacked Marte Local Government Area in the bleeding Borno State of Northern Nigeria. Chairman of the local government council, Ali Shettima, says the area is totally deserted.


Boko Haram: Human Rights Watch Says Soldiers Are Holding Thousands Of Children In Military Prison

Human Rights Watch says in its efforts to defeat Boko Haram, Nigerian authorities have been allegedly arresting and detaining citizens suspected of involvement with the armed group, Boko Haram. The detainees, according to the global rights group, include thousands of children. But, when the Children’s Rights Advocacy Director of the rights group, Jo Becker, spoke with some of the detained kids, Human Rights Watch said it became clear that many were actually victims of Boko Haram. Becker speaks with Amy Braunschweiger about how the children ended up in military prison for months or even years, and how the prison conditions they endured are the worst she has seen in 20 years at the Human Rights Watch. Enjoy the interview: