Perspective | Britain And The Desperation To Keep Nigeria One – By Tony Nnadi

In response to a comment by someone who wanted to know why the British are crying more than the bereaved as One-Nigeria staggers to it’s inevitable demise at ARABA Terminus, I had written as follows in 2017:

“The whole essence of “One-Nigeria” over which tight Caliphate control was emplaced, instituted and promoted by Britain, was so that Britain can take whatever it wanted from any part of the vast Territory, including Oil and Gas, without having to deal with the actual owners of the assets, since the Caliphate-Controlled so-called “Federal Government” will be there to sign off for Britain, whatever concessions it wanted, including Oil acreages.

The first time the owners of the assets would have taken over their assets was in Biafra and that was a principal reason Britain took over the prosecution of that War of Genocide against Biafra, on behalf of their ward, the Caliphate-FG of One-Nigeria.

What was wrapped and sold as Independence, in 1960 was simply a Trojan Horse. The heavily manipulated and inconclusive decolonization of Nigeria by Britain and it’s Caliphate Agents, are directly responsible for the death throes in which One-Nigeria is currently writhing.

The Nigeria set up in 1914 and handed over to the Caliphate in 1960, was, and remains a Criminal Joint Venture between Britain and its Local Agent, the Caliphate.”

Tony Nnadi is a renowned Attorney and Secretary General of both Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and Movement for New Nigeria (MNN)