Opinion | The Situation In Cameroon: When You Abuse Your Sovereignty, You Invite External Intervention

By Tony Nnadi
U.S. military operatives on a foreign mission.

Following current developments in Cameroon, many enquiries have been received by the Secretariat of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). The Secretary-General of the LNC, Tony Nnadi in response to some of the enquiries wrote as follows:

“When you abuse your Sovereignty by levying War on a Part of your own Country, or committing Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing or other acts that are classified as Crimes Against Humanity, against your own Citizens, like Cameroon and Nigeria have been doing, you are inviting the International Community to intervene in your Sovereign Space to restore Sanity.

That intervention may be by the UN or by a Country that has the capacity to move into that space to arrest the situation.

That intervention could take the form of removing the perpetrator(s) of the Crime from power, as we saw Tanzania do in Idi Amin-era Uganda, or the partitioning of the Distressed Country as we saw in the Former Yugoslavia and recently, in Sudan.

In addition to the general uproar that has taken the form of various Agitations in Nigeria against the aggressions of the Nigerian Stage, it would be recalled that between January and July of 2019, the searchlights of Washington DC were beamed on the Ethnic Cleansing and other atrocities of Nigeria as highlighted by the January 17, 2019 Emergency Press Conferences on Nigeria in Washington DC, leading to detailed expositions at the June/July 2019 IRF Ministerial Roundtables on Capitol Hill and the subsequent Spotlight-Event on Nigeria by US State Department on the sidelines of the IRF Ministerials.

Here are the links to some of the presentations at the aforementioned January 17, 2019 Emergency Press Conferences on Nigeria under the Theme : “NIGERIA AT BREAKING POINT”, where serious concerns were also raised about the build-up of the ISIS-Backed Global Islamic Caliphate in Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin.

It will also be recalled that in August 2019, a UN Special Rapporteur on Nigeria described the Constitutional Arrangement and Prevailing Situation in Nigeria as : “A PRESSURE-COOKER FOR INJUSTICE” posing a threat of immense proportions to the global community if not addressed soon enough.

The Situation in the Nigeria is on largely the same Trajectory (in fact, more grievous in terms of magnitude and complexity), as that of Cameroon which has prompted the US intervention under review”.

Tony Nnadi, a lawyer and Secretary-General of the Lower Niger Congress, LNC, writes from Lagos.

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