Month: December 2019

Samsung Electronics Joins UN Agency To Tackle Modern Slavery

Samsung Electronics is currently in league with a UN agency to tackle the menace of modern slavery as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

To Meet Basic Set Of Social Protection, ILO Report Says Countries Need To Invest $500 Billion Yearly

A new International Labour Organisation (ILO) report says more than $500 billion a year needs to be invested if countries are to meet a basic set of social protection measures known as a Social Protection Floor by 2030.

According to the report, Measuring financing gaps in social protection for achieving SDG target 1.3: Global estimates and strategies for developing countries , spending on coverage needs to increase dramatically to achieve universal coverage of a basic set of social protection measures.

This would include: Cash transfers to children, Maternity benefits for mothers with newborns, Disability benefits, and Old age social pensions