Month: June 2018

Full Text Of National Assembly’s Response To Buhari’s Recent Budget Padding Allegation

Nigeria’s National Assembly issues a press statement rebuking Buhari’s for wrongfully accusing them of wrongdoings in the recent budgeting process.

Perspective | Why We Should Stop Sacrificing Our People To Save One-Nigeria

From the perspective of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, the LNC and it’s MNN Partners, without equivocation further posit that, in the absence of Nigeria being a Federation, being a Democracy, operating under Constitutionalism or the Rule of Law, any meaningful engagement with the prevailing grave situation in Nigeria must of necessity be framed as a Sovereignty disputation which must begin with Self-Determination Referendums since it is clear that the defunct Federation of Nigeria which collapsed completely since 1966, has left the Constituent Components and the various Peoples, trapped in a toxic Union of Death and Attrition.