Month: April 2018

Herdsmen terrorism: U.S. may seek international coalition to protect Christians in Nigeria

In what sounded like the main reason for inviting Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to White House, U.S. President Donald J. Trump has warned that his country will no longer accept the further murder of Christians in Nigeria by herdsmen and other Islamic extremists and terrorists.

Opinion | An Open Letter to President Buhari: Before We Are All Consumed

With a heart full of pains, I wish to beg the federal government to do something tangible to curtail the incessant killing of Nigerians.

It has become a daily occurrence and pitiful, the same stories and stories are all we are fed with by our security agents.

Nigerians are being killed, properties destroyed and many people displaced from their homes, as if we are in a movie theatre.

For Christ’s sake, this is a nation and not a jungle, and under a government’s administration.

Islamic State ally (Boko Haram) controls territory around Lake Chad

The Lake Chad countries – Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon – have long neglected the region, allowing ISWA to create a stronghold from which to launch attacks. Its gains contrast with setbacks for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

It makes sense for ISWA to organize the local economy and raise taxes, said Vincent Foucher, who studies Boko Haram at the French National Centre for Science Research.

“It opens the longer game of trying to create a connection to people,” he said, adding that if ISWA succeeds it may become a greater threat than Boko Haram.