Month: April 2018

Herdsmen terrorism: U.S. may seek international coalition to protect Christians in Nigeria

In what sounded like the main reason for inviting Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to White House, U.S. President Donald J. Trump has warned that his country will no longer accept the further murder of Christians in Nigeria by herdsmen and other Islamic extremists and terrorists.


Analysis | Nigerian Presidency: Between The Weak One And The Strong Man – By R.T. Sibe

President Jonathan, the one they called the weak one, had the courage to fire his Service Chiefs, when he felt the national security architecture needed a rejig. The CDS, COAS, CNS and CAS were all changed in 2014.

What to do when you have a tire blowout while still in motion (speed)

In the event of the unfortunate death of Nigeria’s minister of state for labour due to an accident occasioned by a tyre blowout and sometime ago and the fact that we have many untrained drivers, it has become pertinent for me to write this.

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